Top 5 Things to Do in Tanzania

By CrustyCanucks - April 23, 2018

What you witness in Tanzania certainly checks a ton of markers on a travel bucket list. Be it the gushing waterfalls and barren deserts, or exotic species and predators of the most lethal order; some get that feeling of danger lurking around the corner, while others bask in the serenity of white sand beaches with crystal clear water. Many of the most interesting countries in the world are often overlooked by travelers because they simply don't know what they have to offer. This is the case with Tanzania, a country with a huge amount of interesting history, thrilling experiences, and one of a kind opportunities.

Olduvai Gorge

Within the borders of what is now known as Olduvai Gorge, the first known examples of human tools were found by archeologists. Now the park is home to a museum showcasing many of these tools, an amazing overlook that allows visitors to see the original archeological site, and a number of plaques that proudly tell of the various different discoveries that have since been made in the area. With a large number of other attractions nearby, Olduvai Gorge is one of the must-see attractions in the country.

Climbing Kilimanjaro

While you may not think of snow when you think of Africa and Tanzania, the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro is almost constantly covered in ice, housing some of the only glaciers within the country. Known as one of the highest peaks in the world, summiting this mountain might be a bit more than most seasoned climbers can handle. However, there are a number of groups that go up each year, and those who find themselves unable to reach the top often find that they enjoy the park surrounding the mountain as much as the climb itself.

If you do decide to attempt this climb, be sure to train hard before departing. This is generally considered one of the safer mountains for climbers, but it is still important to take your training very seriously. Once you book your trip, you might also want to check and see if you can meet up with other climbing groups as well, making this monumental trek with new friends.

Many people decide to try for higher peaks after climbing Kilimanjaro, so this might just be the start of your climbing career!

Touring Zanzibar City

If you go anywhere in the Zanzibar Island, you need to visit the Stone City, aka the old town of Zanzibar city.  With over 1000 years of history, overlapping architectural styles, and open air markets, this city is everything that you would expect from such a vibrant country. Walking within the extremely modern yet ancient city gives you a taste of what the country is all about. Touring the city you will come across old palaces, important historical buildings, monuments to the horrors slavery that occurred within the country, beautiful gardens, and so much more. If you are only going to visit one city in all of Tanzania, this is the one that will leave the biggest impression on you, showing you what this country is all about.

Going On a Safari in the Glorious National Parks

Tanzania is one of the only countries to have all of the large African animals and to have them all in the same place. National parks that are open to the public afford you to the chance to see lions, leopards, rhinos, elephants, and even water buffalo all in their natural habitat. Guided tours, lodges nestled within these parks, and even special education stations are all available to ensure that you have the once in a lifetime experience of seeing these amazing animals. Thanks to anti-poaching efforts by the government and local people, Tanzania's large animal population is actually thriving at this point in time.

Cultural Plethora

Vibrant cultural interplay is visible throughout Tanzania, with architecture representing German, French and British influence, along with intertwining elements of Arabic and other African cultures as well. There are more than 120 different ethnic tribes around the country, and the language that binds the country is that of Swahili. The food also reflects a variety of influences with the North Western inhabitants preferring plantains and those from the South preferring Ugali. Rice based dishes are popular along the coast. The locals often invite people for a meal, the acceptance of which is considered respectful in the country. The hospitality of the local people is touching and the country as a whole makes you feel welcome, relaxed and rejuvenates the mind and body.

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