Trip Report: Mexico City

By CrustyCanucks - March 06, 2018

When we decided that we were going to take a long-term trip through Mexico and Central America, we could barely contain our excitement.

Thoughts turned to wanderlust and wanderlust turned to plans and then plans turned to a purchase of a one-way ticket to Mexico City. We finally knew when and where we would arrive but we didn't know how long the trip would last.

After the excitement of putting our stuff into self-storage and making all the other arrangements one needs to make when you go on a trip like this, we were finally off.

Then, the following Wednesday (yes, we had bought that late of a last-minute flight - hey, we love the good deals!), our plane was making its final approach to Mexico City. We were peering out of a plane window at the seemingly never-ending city lights below flickering and then soon after we were stepping foot on Mexican soil for the very first time. Our first impressions of Mexico City have been both familiar and foreign at the same time, here they are:

This City is Big 

Of course, this shouldn't have been a shocker to us, but the scene from plane was especially telling. The landscapes around Mexico City are, from the air, very similar to those of Phoenix & Las Vegas, which we have flown into dozens of times. By instinct, when we saw the mountains and city lights upon descent, we expected to see the airport and or main city center fairly soon. That sure didn't happen. The city just kept going and going, and we were treated to twinkling city lights for a long time.

Fall Was An Amazing Time to Visit 

We will be the first to admit, We were a bit ignorant to the details of Mexico City's climate before we started reading more and more about it in recent years. We just assumed it was really hot here all the time. Once we started getting schooled on it, we found the weather here was almost always described as "nearly year-round spring" and this is pretty much what we had during the whole time.

The People are Unbelievably Friendly

 As we made our way from the airport to the hotel via the Metro, we invariably got lost a couple times. At every occasion, people were willing to help, with one young kid actually pulling a Yellow Pages-sized atlas of the city out of his backpack. It was almost as if he just carried it around just in case a tourist needed directions. We gladly thanked him and he just said in Spanish that "it was nothing at all and welcome to Mexico City". Time and time again, we had experiences just like this (especially at the street food stalls) re-assuring us that this was the type of place we were going to feel very, very welcome in.

The Street Food is Amazing

 Our first night, we ended up in a local neighborhood and had some marvelous Mexican street food from what would best be described as a taco stand with an artsy attitude. It was great, but today topped it off as we enjoyed lunch at a cantina and at a corner taco stand eating off a plastic plate with an assortment of locals at a fraction of the price from the night before.

Taxi Drivers Love Churros 

On our way home from that trendy Condesa neighborhood, we were able to communicate to the cab driver in my Spanglish that we would love to have some churros as a nightcap. He understood our jumbled jargon, got us to the spot, and then patiently waited for us outside. When we rejoined him we gave him up with a churro, and we are pretty sure he gave us a discount on the fare.

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