What Jewelry to Choose For a Trip

By CrustyCanucks - February 27, 2018

Whether the Crusty Canucks are taking a weekend getaway to a big city in North America or planning a multi-stop adventure to Europe, there is always one accessory I that I consistently agonize over when it comes to packing our suitcases: jewelry.

Pack too much jewelry and I feel like I’ve overdone it; pack too little and I get sick and tired of my wardrobe by the third night of the trip. Pack too much bling and I worry about keeping it secure, but pack too little and I never have enough when we make that last-minute Michelin-star restaurant dinner reservation.

While I always have the jewelry box stocked at home with goodies from ItsHot.com, the toughest part is picking which bits of jewelry to take with me on the road.

While I know the above paragraphs make it sounds like I am totally confused about what jewelry to take with you while travelling, I promise I have picked up a few things over the years.

Here are a few of the tips I have garnered from our many trips:

Keep It Covered

First and foremost, before you even get into selecting what piece of jewelry to take with you, you simply have to have a place to keep your jewelry. For earrings, I like to have a small, soft bag that allows them to be stored without the backs getting bent out of shape. Jewelry rolls are great options here as they are very easily packable and do the job I described above.

Studs Are Always a Solid Choice

Stud earrings are never, ever the wrong decision. They are so simple and elegant that they can make almost anything look good (trust me, I’ve tried!!!) And they don’t have to be the most expensive pair or pearls to make an outfit like outstanding.

If you can afford the space in your aforementioned soft jewelry roll, it’s always preferable to pack several different styles, that way you have ultimate flexibility when mixing and matching with different outfits.

A Waterproof Watch Will Work Wonders

If you take one thing away from this post on travel jewelry, let it be this: a waterproof watch is a must. Whether you are going somewhere tropical (hopefully!!) or just going down the road, you never know when disaster can strike.

I took a Breitling watch with me on a three-month long trip to Europe and even though it said it was waterproof I assumed I would never put it to the test.

But then we went to the gorgeous island of Hvar in Croatia. One thing leads to another at a happy hour at the ultra-cool Hula Hula Beach Bar and next thing you know I am in the Adriatic Sea with my watch on, which kept on ticking perfectly.

The point is, you just never, ever know. Especially on vacation.

Statement Necklaces

The key to taking a plain t-shirt or vest top from day to night is a colorful, oversized necklace. By picking one or two of them, you don’t need to pack anything extra and can just change up your wardrobe with the flick of a wrist.

I love the big statement necklaces, especially turquoise ones If I am traveling somewhere warm as this color really makes both black and white tops really shine.

Diamonds Are a Traveler’s Best Friend

You don’t have to be decked out in Tiffany rocks to make an impact with a little sparkle. Even (gasp!) cubic zirconia can add a touch of glamor to most outfits, whether that be studded in a bracelet or in square-cut droplet earrings.

The benefit of cubic zirconia is that you’ll never have to worry about it getting stolen while you’re abroad - or even have to bother insuring it, as prices are usually on the low side. The downside is that it can become dull fairly quickly, so can often only be worn a handful of times before you’ll have to consider shelving it.

Of course, if you do decide to travel with actual diamonds - in your wedding/engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, watch or necklaces - then you probably need to consider adding the cost of these items onto your travel insurance, in case of theft or loss.

Always use the safe in the hotel room (or at the reception desk) if you are going to the beach and won’t be able to carry them with you and be cautious about flashing them in public if you are walking around unknown streets late at night.

But don’t let this advice scare you off - diamonds are the epitome of understated elegance and are almost mandatory at certain elegant galas aboard cruise ships and the like (I’m kidding, of course, but it’s kind of true).

Bracelets Can Be Big (Even When They Are Thin)

You can pick up a pretty bracelet almost anywhere nowadays. Whether you stock up before your trip or do what I do and pick up one while you’re abroad (trust me, they are the ultimate fashion-forward trip souvenir) is up to you.

If you aren't going to go for high fashion, you can even work a trendy friendship bracelet into your wardrobe and since many places around the world are known for selling locally hand-woven bracelets, you will be spoiled for choice on holiday.

I still cherish the bracelets I picked up in Central America and each time I put them on it takes me back to that trip.

Fashion Jewelry Is Only a Short-Term Investment

If you simply don’t want to take your most valuable jewelry abroad with you, or you don’t feel that it matches the capsule clothing you’ll be packing, then buying cheaper fashion jewelry can sometimes be the perfect compromise.

But not a long-term solution of course as you will want to have your jewelry case full of proper dazzlers upon your return from your trip.

I hope this has helped you decide what travel jewelry you’re going to pack for your next trip. If you have any tips of your own, please let me know!

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