What to See and Do in Stockholm & Copenhagen

By CrustyCanucks - May 09, 2017

It was always a dream for us to travel to Stockholm and Copenhagen, and recently we finally got the chance to see these Scandinavian gems. We will be writing more about this wonderful place in the future, but for now, here are a few of the things we got to see and do in Stockholm. 

Admiring the Archipelago 

The city is surrounded by tons of islands, and we took the entire scene in by taking a ferry to the town of Vaxholm. The ride lasts about an hour and fifteen minutes and it gave us a real flavor of the mesmerizing mix of urban and natural that Stockholm is famous for

Swedish Soccer

After walking around the town Vaxholm, we rode the bus back to Stockholm and then ran to a pub at the last minute to watch Sweden play a game in football. They were playing a Little Sisters of the Poor-type team, and as expected, Sweden handed the underdogs a browbeating.

Old Town Charms

It may be cliche and I know some travelers really prefer off the beaten path destinations, but absolutely loved the Old Town in Stockholm. The architecture was fantastic and there were so many little shops selling souvenirs and even some of the famous Nordic coffee shops we had heard so much about. As tempting as the shops were, I am actually proud of us for not buying a cheesy reindeer hat!

Oh, we also loved the changing of the guard at the palace - it almost felt like London! 

On to Copenhagen

We made it to the train in the nick of time, but since we had to stop at the ticket counter to validate our Eurail passes we ended up missing the first train! No worries though, because this gave us a chance to go grab some herring for lunch! Herring is very popular in these parts for lunch. Once we arrived in the Danish capital, there was just one place we wanted to go: Tivoli Gardens

Going to the Gardens

We spent a fantastic day at Tivoli Gardens, riding one of the oldest roller coasters in the world more than one time, walking among the serene gardens, and even feeding the ducks. Afterward, we grabbed a quick lunch of Danish open-faced sandwiches and toured through Christiania, a local commune created by alternative-lifestyle types in the '60s. It's pretty touristy nowadays, but you have to respect their dedication to the community. 

No Better than NOMA

We then went to dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in the world: NOMA. The food there was so unbelievable that it will need its own post, but I will tell you now that all the hype you have heard is true. 

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