Travelling with Pets: What You Need to Know

By CrustyCanucks - May 09, 2017

We travel with our beloved dog every chance we get, and if you are like us, you know that it is hard to leave your pets behind when you go on holiday. While most cats are content to stay at home while you jet off on your travels, dogs love getting to explore and see new places, and it can feel like a member of your family is missing out on the fun. However, with a little forward planning, travelling with pets can be a hugely rewarding experience - just make sure you have pet insurance that includes travel cover, and start planning for a pet-friendly holiday!

Your pet will absolutely need to be micro-chipped before you head off on holiday - for many countries this is a legal requirement, but even where it isn't you should make sure this is completed, just in case.

Your pet will be in an unfamiliar environment and you might find that they have a few out-of-character moments while they adjust, so taking safety precautions is essential. Whether you're driving or flying, you'll need to make sure your pet is comfortable travelling for long distances, and that they're happy in a carry case or travel crate for this amount of time. You can prepare in advance by getting your dog used to the trip - driving around in the car while in the crate will help, and including plenty of blankets and toys will make them less anxious during the journey - this is what we rely on on each and every trip, and in fact, sometimes we get a new toy for each trip. 

It's natural that your daily schedule is markedly different while you're away - otherwise it wouldn't be a holiday! - but do make sure your dog receives the same amount of attention as they do at home. This includes regular walks and plenty of play time, so make sure you're visiting somewhere with plenty of open spaces, and ask around for the best places to take your dog so that you choose somewhere safe to explore.

Also, try your best to keep feeding times the same as at home.  As well as making your dog comfortable, you need to take other people into consideration too if you're travelling with a pet. Ensure that your hotel or B&B is dog-friendly before you book, or consider renting a pet-friendly villa for even more space and privacy, as this will be far less stressful for your pet. It's also a good idea to read reviews , so you can check that other pet owners have been satisfied with the service their pooch has received!

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