Adventures in Watching Ice Hockey Abroad

By CrustyCanucks - May 09, 2017

In between dreaming of adventurous and delicious global destinations, you can often find us drifting off about something else entirely: ice rinks, pucks, and the Stanley Cup. Ice Hockey is our other love and watching our local Vancouver Canucks play is almost as thrilling as going on an international trip.

We never miss a Canucks game abroad as we watch sports online with a VPN and we even try to catch some live hockey while travelling too. The following are just a few of the ice escapades we've had abroad. During our first ever European trip, we stopped for a few days in Switzerland. Our hotel was across the street from the local ice rink, and we decided to see what the schedule was for open skating.

After a couple minutes of chatting with the friendly attendant, she told us that they were was a pickup co-ed ice hockey game scheduled for that night. We promptly borrowed a pair of skates and some sticks and had the time of our lives that night making friends we stay in contact with to this day.

Two years later, we were in a small town in Germany, when we saw a large banner that read 'EISHOCKEY' outside of a local rink. Once again, a friendly local told us that there was going to be a game there that night. This time, we didn't play ourselves but watched the local professional team play. It ended up being an absolutely awesome atmosphere in the arena, as fans from both teams were chanting and beating drums for the duration of the game and we were two of the only tourists who made it that night. Sadly, the home team lost.

Our greatest experience of all though came in 2013 when one of our good friends was in Boston for business at the exact time our beloved Vancouver Canucks were playing the Bruins in the Stanley Cup Finals. He got tickets to Game 6 at the last minute and texted us that we were free to tag along. It was one of the most difficult decisions we ever had to make: should we drop everything and fly across North America to *possibly* see history live? You see, the Canucks have never won the Stanley Cup and if they were to win this game, they would have.

Well, as you can probably guess if you read this site we just couldn't resist and booked flights on some accrued Frequent Flyer Miles. Obviously, we all know now that the Canucks ended up losing the game and then the next one at home to lose the Stanley Cup to the Bruins. But you know what? We don't regret a thing because the combination of travel and hockey was magical.

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